Sonia Conesa-Boj
Associate Professor
Room F184
☎ +31 15 278 89690


Maarten Bolhuis
PhD candidate
Room F190


Abel R. Brokkelkamp
PhD candidate
Room D120


Boran Apak
MSc student



Sabrya E. van Heijst
PhD candidate
Room D114


Helena La
PhD candidate
Room D114


Ruben Speijer
MSc student


Former postdoctoral fellows
(2019-2020) Dr. Stef Smeets, Netherlands eScience Center as a team leader for scientific computing.
(2019-2020) Dr. Magdalena O. Cichocka
(2016-2018) Dr. Miguel Tinoco, postdoc at Complutense University of Madrid
(2021-2022) Dr. Luigi Maduro, postdoc at The University of Manchester

Former PhD candidates
(2017-2021) Luigi Maduro, postdoc in our group.

Former master students
(2021-2022) Yashoda Sewnarain
(2020-2021) Isabel Postmes, now at ASML.
(2019-2020) Laurien Roest, now Business Analyst bij Picnic Technologies.
(2019-2020) Abel R. Brokkelkamp, now PhD in our group.
(2019-2020) Rose Sermpeniadi, now Sales Engineer at Delmic B.V.
(2018-2019) Sabrya van Heijst, now PhD in our group.
(2018-2019) Maarten Bolhuis, now PhD in our group.
(2017-2018) Dave Dekker, NXP Semiconductors.

Former bachelor students
(2021) Jorien van der Meulen
(2021) Jeroen Sangers
(2019) Olivier Kuijpers
(2019) Martijn Zwanenburg, now Software Engineer at VSPARTICLE B.V.
(2020) James Lin