The ConesaBoj Lab is part of theĀ Department of Quantum Nanoscience, in the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at theĀ Delft University of Technology.

The aim of my group will be to develop and apply innovative analysis techniques for the characterization of nanoscale materials based on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and related techniques. TEM methods allow imaging materials with atomic resolution, and provide unique insight for the understanding of the structural, chemical and electrical properties of novel materials, paving the way for their applications as building blocks of next-generation nanodevices. In particular, my group will use TEM methods to investigate the fascinating properties of low-dimensional nanomaterials, such as nanowires, and of recently discovered quantum materials, such as topological insulators and nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond. Most of these materials are rather new, and we are only now starting to unravel their true potentialities.

Artist impression of an electron beam probing a layered material. Credit: S. Conesa-Boj

Funding for our research is provided by: